Cruz-Bashers: A Partial List

In the course of a Twitter conversation prompted by my criticism of Republicans who are still ripping Ted Cruz by name (I had in mind politicians specifically), I asked a respondent, “Compared to the things being directed at Cruz personally, [his generic criticisms of particular party factions is] pretty mild, wouldn’t you say?” She was having none of it: “What is being directed at Cruz? What? McCain? He’s a coot”–the inference being that Cruz has not been attacked by name by anyone other than McCain.

Time for a bit of aggregation, eh?

I’ve tried to avoid including stories that describe merely polite generic airing of tactical differences. These are just a few of the instances in which Republican politicians, pundits and others have gone after Cruz by name, with a few non-public instances included for seasoning:

Santorum Bashes Cruz: ‘He Did More Harm’

Rep. Peter King Bashes Sen. Ted Cruz on CNN: ‘Those I’ve Spoken To Think He’s Crazy’

Corker attacks Cruz on Senate floor, plays dumb about cloture, throws Cruz, Lee under the bus

McCain Bashes Cruz: ‘All of Us Should Respect the Outcome of Elections’

Ted Cruz not swayed by Mitt Romney attack

Jeb Bush Joins the Cruz Bashers — Suggests Surrender as ‘Common Ground’

GOP Strategist’s Bizarre Ted Cruz Attack Makes Anderson Cooper Ask: ‘Are You High?’

Americans for Tax Reform’s Ryan Ellis Thinks Tea Party Activists Are “Freaking Retarded”

‘Morning Joe’ bashes Ted Cruz: He is Anthony Weiner ‘once you edit out the erotica’

Grover Norquist slams Ted Cruz: “He pushed House Republicans into traffic and wandered away.”

Senate Republican ‘Lynch Mob’ Rails Against Ted Cruz

Mike Lee Reveals Details of the ‘All-Out’, ‘Demeaning’ Attack Against Him and Ted Cruz…During Meeting with Republican Senators

Sarah Palin to Chris Wallace: Expose which GOPers are trying to ‘trash Sen Cruz’

Gingrich: Boehner Happy to Let Media Attack Cruz

Believe me, this is not an exhaustive list by any means.


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