Media SQUIRREL On Rising Costs and Higher Deductibles

squirrelBreibart’s Ben Shapiro astutely points out that the pro-Obamacare MSM has given a fair amount of coverage to technical issues with the Affordable Care Act exchange websites, while largely ignoring the more fundamental problems with Obamacare: higher rates, higher deductibles, and restricted access (not to mention the destructive effect it is having on the US economy and job market):

And this, it turns out, is the unspoken undertone to all the media coverage of the glitches: the notion that the biggest problem with Obamacare will be web implementation, not the systematic attempt at bankrupting the entire insurance and healthcare industry. The premise seems to be that if is fixed, all will be well. That’s why from October 1 through October 16, the Washington Post ran literally dozens of stories on the glitches, but virtually none on victims of Obamacare – in the view of the left media, there are no such victims. It’s why the networks spent several minutes nearly every night featuring the glitches, all while suggesting that Americans were growing closer every day to the glories of Obamacare’s promises.

And so, ironically, what seems like the MSM finally standing up on their hind legs and acting like journalists for a change, in fact allows them to ignore the far more important story.

Similarly, Ben points out at Truth Revolt that,

Since October 1, when the government shutdown began, the media have run dozens upon dozens of stories about victims of the shutdown. Over the same period of time, the media have run virtually no stories about businesses suffering thanks to Obamacare, low-income people victimized by the new Obamacare tax, and economic chaos thanks to the impact of Obamacare. That’s particularly ridiculous given that with the furloughed federal workers soon to be back at their desks and paid for their furloughed time, the number of people seriously hurt by the government shutdown is minute, as opposed to the widespread damage from Obamacare.

Townhall’s Guy P. Benson pursues a similar tack:

But fixating exclusively on the trainwreck aspect is a mistake. This law is harmful and damaging for reasons far beyond the shocking incompetence of its launch.

I urge you to read all three pieces. Lots of good analysis and highly-sourced.


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