Leftism Rant Tweets

Scratch a Leftist, you’ll find a totalitarian. This isn’t a gratuitous insult. It’s the Leftist mindset. Having been on the Left, I know.

Every Leftist secretly (or not so secretly) wants to organize other people’s lives per his whim. Think clinical narcissism does politics.

So of course they project their psychopathology onto their demonized opposition: us. Only we block their imagined heaven on earth. #Kulaks

The totalitarian Leftist impulse takes many outward forms, but the core is always the same: Will to power.

Has there ever been a Leftist worth the name that, in the final analysis, wouldn’t be willing to “break a few eggs” to “make an omelet”?

Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot…these are all aberrations of Leftism? Hell no, they were Leftism’s logical conclusion.

Every armchair Marxist needs to buddy up with somebody who knew somebody who died in the Killing Fields. Praxis this, assholes.

@SoquelCreek I only point out the Khmer Rogue as the most obvious end result. Cuba, Venezuela, your examples, the beat goes on.

Leftists think that they have it all figured out. They don’t know shit: About economics, about human nature, about history–about anything.

The Left is about power. Power implies coercion. Coercion implies…you get the picture.

Leftist say it’s all about compassion. It’s for the kids. The same kids they want to indoctrinate and control and expel for pastry “guns.”

Leftism is appealing to people whose frontal lobes have not fully formed, to sociopaths, and to narcissists. Why most people grow out of it

@FormerDeminTX Obedience uber alles. Pretty ironic coming from people who used to have Question Authority bumperstickers on their rides.

@SoquelCreek Leftism is most of all a rejection of the real world–of economics as it actually plays out, and of human nature.

But of course armchair Progs would never endorse the sort of things I’m talking about, right? Oh? Where do you think Eugenics got started?

Thomas Sowell, may he LLAP, was a Marxist in his 20s. Follow his example and get your head out of your ass by embracing reality.

“Leftism is the most dynamic religion of the past 100 years.” –@DennisPrager

Those who promise a heaven on earth always deliver a hell on earth.

The Founders warned against the historically-inevitable tyranny of democracy. Dismiss that warning at your peril.

If Leftists took a moment to examine how often their ideas work out in real world, they’d realize they hitched their wagon to a trainwreck.

Indulge the Leftist dream–seizing 100% wealth of the rich. Think it thru. It won’t work out in long-run, undeveloped-frontal-lobes person.

I used to be like you, Marxists. Franz Fanon, Chomsky, The Nation, all that stupid shit. You’re in a cult. Wake up. You can do it.

But alas, it takes more than ideas to get a Leftist’s head out of their ass. So get a job, get married, have kids, worry about their future

And then reality will force you to face the fact that your passionate youthful Leftism was a big steaming pile of ideological horseshit

A lot of very smart people believe in Leftism. Because being smart means a lot less than being wise.

@doradopescado Saturday Night Live Billy Crystal Ricardo Montalban as the anti-@DennisPrager: “I would rather feel good, than do good.”

Let your frontal lobes fully develop before you set out to reorder the world in your mental image of how you think it should be. Trust me.


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