Dude! You’re Going To Hell!

dell_dudeANN ARBOR, Mich. (WJBK) – A 25-year-old was racing away from a suspect on his bike when he hit a curb and fell face first. We’re told the victim lost several teeth in the fall, and even swallowed a few. He also fractured his eye and split his lip. The suspect then stole his bike.

A minute later, a woman in pink sneakers came by the scene of the biker’s accident and started riffling through his pockets. She walked away and then returned with a baby stroller and another man, and the pair continued to search the victim….

In the meantime, the victim still remains in the hospital nearly one week later recovering from his injuries with extra caution being taken to look after bleeding in his brain.

(h/t The Blacksphere)


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