Activities That Require Photo ID

Anti-Voter ID hysterics must think their fellow citizens (particularly non-white ones) are very, very stupid.

Below are just some of the examples of things you need to prove your identity for:

Opening a bank account
Apply for food stamps
Apply for welfare
Apply for Medicaid/Social Security
Apply for unemployment or a job
Rent/buy a house, apply for a mortgage
Drive/buy/rent a car
Get on an airplane
Get married
Purchase a gun
Adopt a pet
Rent a hotel room
Apply for a hunting license
Apply for a fishing license
Buy a cell phone
Visit a casino
Pick up a prescription
Hold a rally or protest
Blood donations
Buy an “M” rated video game
Purchase nail polish at CVS
Purchase certain cold medicines

Here’s another list, with some overlap:

Typical places that ask for Picture ID:

Grocery stores (if you are using Credit Card )
Gas stations (when you are buying anything using Credit card)
Liquor store (even if you do not buy and accompany with others)
Dance Clubs and Bars
Mail pick up from FedEx, UPS or any others
Public Library (for getting library Card )
Casino (even if you do not play)
Banks (if you want to withdraw money or check balance)
Any stores where you buy using Credit Card
Fast Food places (if you use credit card)
Restaurants (if you use credit card)
Any corporate offices (if you are visiting anyone, for Visitor ID)
Coffee shops (if you use credit card)
Renting anything for outdoor Jet Skis, Boats, Canoe, etc
Car Rentals (you need Driver’s license for sure)
Any theme parks like Disney, etc. for rentals
Any outdoor activity like Sky diving, Bungee Jumping, etc.

See also: The Photo ID Myth


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