The Crazy Is Thick Today

Some of today’s headlines:

Greek Monks Hurl Petrol Bombs at Bailiffs

DC muggers to victim: “This is for Trayvon Martin”

Textbook Praises Islam, Denigrates Christianity

Sex Offender Charged With Having Sex With Neighbor’s Dog

Lebanese Muslim pop singer renounces music, joins the jihad

Obama Forces Israel to Release Terrorists, Murderers

‘Partridge’ Mom Shares Sexual Past, Three Ways and More

Detroit May Shift Retiree Health Care Costs to Obamacare, Taxpayers

Epic Fires, Fights, Riots After U.S. Open of Surfing

Syrian Islamist Rebels Issue Fatwa Forbidding People From Eating Croissants Because Of Their Crescent Shape

And so on.


Update: The best story all day for the sheer crazy factor:

Congressional Black Caucus recommends Sheila Jackson Lee for head of Homeland Security

Satire is dead.


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