Funniest. Thing. Ever.

Watch your back, Iowahawkblog, there’s a new comedy genius in town.

Behold the epic stand-up genius that is MSNBC’s Chuck Todd:

cartman_angryYou know, sometimes these discussions get lost in personalities, get lost in partisan, polarized politics, especially right now, where some portions of cable news, you know, try to use an incident like this in the wrong ways and we sort of miss the larger cultural discussion, the larger discussion and I think that if there’s one thing the president can’t stand, it is the inability, he thinks, of this modern media, to have a mature discussion on race

You and I have watched probably all week — you know, not all parts of cable television, I’m not referring to our channel, I’m talking about all parts of the political discussion hasn’t been very mature on this topic.

Let me compose myself for a moment. Talk amongst yourselves.

OK. My giggling is almost under control.


Here’s a small sampling of the ongoing display of the manifest maturity at MSNBC:

Mychal Denzel Smith:

They had no respect for Trayvon Martin to begin with. The thing that disgusted me was, you mentioned that the jury was m up of six women, five white women, the defense literally invoked the same justification for the killing of Trayvon Martin that you would during lynching, they showed a picture of George Zimmerman’s white woman neighbor and show her as the picture of fear and said, this is what the neighborhood was up against and put a picture of Trayvon Martin with his shirt off looking like the most thugged out version of Trayvon Martin that you could get and basically said, George Zimmerman was protecting not just himself but white womanhood from this vicious black thug.

Chris Matthews:

I will just tell you one thing. And I’m speaking now for all white people, but especially who have had to tried to change the last 50 or 60 years. And a lot of them have really tried to change.

And I’m sorry for this stuff. That’s all I’m saying.

Chris Matthews:

Do you think parents might be telling their teenage children right now — perhaps on the verge of voting for the first time next year — to remember who wants them to vote and who doesn’t?

Well, this effort by the Republican Party across the country — countenanced by RNC chair Reince Priebus — is an assault on black America that’s historic, that’s deliberate, that’s unforgettable, and, you could say, unforgivable.

Ed Schultz:

We do know that Zimmerman had a firearm and I think we can easily come to the conclusion that he felt pretty safe. And when he didn’t feel safe, and by evidence he was getting his ass kicked, he decided to take someone else, someone else’s life…

It’s all about profiling! If you go right down to the root cause of how this horrific event all unfolded and how lives have been changed and hearts have been broken, it’s all about profiling! Because if George Zimmerman had never profiled, if he had just thought, oh that’s just another kid walking by, but it was more than that, which I think is a disease! I do. I think he needs some treatment. I think society needs some treatment when it comes to profiling. Now, Reverend (Jesse) Jackson on this program yesterday I thought said something very profound, that it was a miscarriage of justice…

Thomas Roberts:

They are white, straight males. Presumably. So they have hit the trifecta of American privilege and from there we go down hill…

So if you are an other in this country, and that means if you are an LGBT, if you are Hispanic, if you are black, if you are a woman right now we are fighting prove why other is not bad and why we are due the value of our American rights…

Trayvon’s rights were obviously violated, stalked, followed, presumed to be suspicious from the get-go by somebody who was the self-proclaimed watch commander of his neighborhood who was packing heat to go to the grocery store.

Jesse Jackson:

Well, it’s slow progress. It is, in fact, Emmett Till who was killed and the juror said they know that the killers were guilty but they didn’t see his life worth a white men going to jail for. Then you have another dimension when Medgar Evers was killed in the same basic premise, an all-white jury that frees the known killers.

Joy Reid:

ALEC’s goal is roll back anything that would inhibit a rational, reasonable person from getting and carrying and even discharging a firearm. It’s almost creating a Wild West atmosphere where they’re saying, “Take your gun anywhere you want, into a bar, into school, into church. And you know what, if you discharge it, we’re going create a web of laws that will protect you from the law.”

And let’s not get even get into Al Sharpton. You get the idea.

Check out Newbusters for more of the “mature” glory that is MSNBC.


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