Republican Aye Votes For S. 743 (Online Sales Tax)

These are the Republicans who voted in favor of the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013.”

Despite what some supporters claim, this legislation is bad news for conservative principles and the cause of limited government. It would dismantle proper limits on state tax collection authority while causing serious damage to electronic and interstate commerce. (read more)

Ted Cruz weighs in (don’t worry, he voted no):

Scroll down for a cut-and-paste list of Twitter addresses only.

Alexander (R-TN) @SenAlexander
Blunt (R-MO) @RoyBlunt
Boozman (R-AR) @JohnBoozman
Burr (R-NC) @SenatorBurr
Chambliss (R-GA) @SaxbyChambliss
Coats (R-IN) @SenDanCoats
Cochran (R-MS) @SenThadCochran
Collins (R-ME) @SenatorCollins
Corker (R-TN) @SenBobCorker
Enzi (R-WY) @SenatorEnzi
Fischer (R-NE) @SenatorFischer
Graham (R-SC) @GrahamBlog
Hoeven (R-ND) @SenJohnHoeven
Isakson (R-GA) @SenatorIsakson
Johanns (R-NE) @Mike_Johanns
McCain (R-AZ) @SenJohnMcCain
Portman (R-OH) @robportman
Sessions (R-AL) @SenatorSessions
Shelby (R-AL) @SenShelbyPress
Thune (R-SD) @SenJohnThune
Wicker (R-MS) @SenatorWicker

Twitter addresses only:

@SenAlexander @RoyBlunt @JohnBoozman
@SenatorBurr @SaxbyChambliss @SenDanCoats
@SenThadCochran @SenatorCollins @SenBobCorker
@SenatorEnzi @SenatorFischer @GrahamBlog
@SenJohnHoeven @SenatorIsakson @Mike_Johanns
@SenJohnMcCain @robportman @SenatorSessions
@SenShelbyPress @SenJohnThune @SenatorWicker


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