The Possum Has Left The Building

georgejones2_vGeorge Jones passed away today in Nashville at the age of 81.

Waylon Jennings, himself one of the greatest country artists ever, was not exaggerating when he said, “If we all could sound the way we wanted, we’d all sound like George Jones.”

Much ink will be spilled praising The Possum. And what passes nowadays for country radio might even play a bit of his music for a change.

Real country music is not dead, but it suffered a painful body-blow today.

Those of us who love real country music all have our favorites, and artists that we consider the most important historically; but to my mind, the most transcendentally important figures in country music were Hank Williams (Sr., obviously), Johnny Cash, and George Jones.

It’s not trite hyperbole to say that George Jones’ passing marks the end of an era.

Country music has a huge hole in its heart that will never be filled.

And nobody’s going to fill his shoes.


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