Enemy Combatants (Tweets)

OutreachWhy the legal and media fixation on al Qaeda when there are any number of smaller Islamist groups who have also declared war on US?

If the Authorization for Use of Military Force is so narrow as to preclude treating POS #2 bomber boy as an enemy combatant, then amend it.

The idea that an American citizen cannot be treated as an enemy combatant if an act of war is committed on US soil is laughable.

A lot of people seem to be missing the forest for the trees on this topic. If AUMF needs to be amended, amend it.

An act of war does not magically become a criminal act by virtue of having been committed on US soil. That is patently absurd.

If AUMF somehow precludes treating non-al Qaeda-affiliated Islamists who wage war against us as enemy combatants, that’s a bipartisan fail.

If you believe that the US Constitution handcuffs the Federal government in treating acts of war as acts of war, you need to re-read it.


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