Steyn: ‘Obama’s Great American Novel’

An absolute must read from the always-magnificent Mark Steyn:

In an inspired line of argument, Ben Smith of the website BuzzFeed suggests that the controversy over Dreams from My Father is the fault of conservatives who have “taken the self-portrait at face value.”  We are so unlettered and hicky that we think a memoir is about stuff that actually happened rather than a literary jeu d’esprit playing with nuances of notions of assumptions of preconceptions of concoctions of invented baloney. And so we regard the first member of the Invented-American community to make it to the White House as a kinda weird development rather than an encouraging sign of how a new post-racial, post-gender, post-modern America is moving beyond the old straightjackets of black and white, male and female, gay and straight, real and hallucinatory.

I believe the word is “eviscerate.”

And yes, I had to look up jeu d’esprit.


One Response to Steyn: ‘Obama’s Great American Novel’

  1. Textbook post-modernism: It’s the Narrative, not Truth, that matters to these folks. Being untethered from the inconvenient burden of evidence comes in handy, when you advocate for central economic planning that has failed demonstrably so many times that it takes an intellectual to avert his eyes from the flaming mountain of wreckage.

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