Speaking of dumbasses…

Anybody with any familiarity with nicotine addiction knows that it is a beast to kick. (See also Mark Twain’s quip about the ease of swearing it off.)

I have smoked for about 40 years, with the exception of the year when I was deeply in love and quit because my then-girlfriend hated it. I was motivated as I probably will never be again.

It took me about 15 minutes from the time she finally left after three years to resume the habit.

I spent about five years trying to fill the hole that she left, and that in all honesty had existed long before, before I imagined that I might stop the self-destructive cycle.

But in the end, no amount of public self-humiliation that results from relapsing is sufficient to kill the drive to fill that hole.

So it goes. Nicotine wins, I lose.

The kindness of strangers and virtual friends has been an awesome gift. My weakness is mine to own.

If you have someone in your life who has thrown sanity aside and made the choice to become a slave to tobacco, slap that cigarette out of their hand and call them out for the suicidal dumbass that they are choosing to be.

Dumbass indeed.


One Response to Speaking of dumbasses…

  1. Dan Draney says:

    I quit once for about a year, then relapsed in a time of high stress. I quit permanently a few months later. That was in 1976. It’s not too late for you. 🙂

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