In Re the Recent Obama/Santorum Rasmussen Poll

Rasmussen has a provocative poll out showing Santorum leading Obama:

In a potential Election 2012 matchup, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is at 45% while President Obama earns 44%. This is the first time in any poll that Santorum has led the president.

I posted these comments over on Facebook:

If I thought that poll represented something real that we could carry to November (basically the same margin of ACORN as exists with Romney versus Obama), I would spend the next couple of months giving a lot of money (for me) to the Santorum campaign, and working for him non-stop.

So basically this poll represents a potential for an exercise in massive confirmation bias if I’m not careful and honest with myself.

Rasmussen has the most cred and the best methodology around, hands down, but this poll is an outlier. There is nothing out there (that I’m aware of anyway) that even roughly correlates to these kind of numbers for Santorum.

Why now, and why this poll? No idea. But it’s not a conservative groundswell. Or else why would Santorum still be doing so poorly in the primary.

I Want To Believe. I want to seize on this poll with all the deluded, insane enthusiasm and conviction of an L Ron Paul acolyte “educating” the “brainwashed” RINOs like me that Ron Paul can win the White House. (I am not comparing Paul and Santorum, I am pointing out the delusional mindset that it would take to go this route.)

The single basic fact of political existence that seems to somehow escape many conservatives is that this is now a 50/50, Blue/Red, Liberal/Conservative, Taker/Payer nation. That’s why we have, and will continue to have, a Romney as the front runner.

Reagan Democrats are a fond memory of a bygone era. (I cringe mightily when Santorum uses that term.) The non-Romneys do well in open primaries, not because they are conservative, but because Romney is within the margin of ACORN and nobody else is, or is likely to be. Nothing of any consequence (organizationally, money-wise, etc.) points to a future where Mitt is not the nominee, notwithstanding his stadium-sized defects.

And as y’all will get sick to death of me saying by the time November rolls around, we should concentrate on getting Republicans with a spine into the Senate (and House). Romney will only set the tone if Congress plays nice; but I want a Congress that keeps the President in his Constitutionally assigned place, and doesn’t play nice. I don’t want grand plans to make the trains run on time.


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