Your Flaming Dumbass Headline of the Week

The Chicago Tribune presents us with yet another example of why the Obama-snorkeling so-called “Mainstream Media” is dying the death it so richly deserves:

Gingrich points to ‘radical’ Alinsky in criticizing Obama

Observers defend Chicago native known as father of community organizing

Obviously Gingrich is the radical here, for unfairly referring to Alinsky as a radical. Am I getting this right?

You can almost see the “air quotes” in the headline. Like, duh! Repubics are stoopid LOL!

This is also yet another reason why I have neglected this blog of late.

Oh sure, I could use up what time and energy I have left at the end of a work day by pulling this apart, linking to source material that would demonstrate, not just assert, how radical Saul Alinsky was.

But I won’t.

I’m sure many “observers” can be found by hack bird cage liner rags gone digital that would dispute that Trotsky was a radical. “Some say” that Che was their fantasy friend-with-benefits. And, of course, we can always produce a hitherto unseen photo of Mitt’s dad and Saul “We Are Legion” Alinsky yucking it up in the 60s, which conveniently provides that counter-narrative to the Paranoid Right’s characterization of Saul of Chicago, “radical” in the eyes of the Paranoid Right.

I don’t have the mental, philosophical, or narrative energy anymore to try to explain to people how I concluded, a long time ago, based on abundant material and empirical evidence, that Alinsky, author of Rules For Radicals, was in fact what the title of the book seemed to imply: “radical.”

When the Chicago Tribune (and they’re not the only ones jumping on this Meme Wagon of the Week by any stretch) sounds like Pravda, it’s no longer funny.

We are in for a long campaign wherein the “radical” Mr. President Obama sir please and thank you (don’t want to piss Debbie Wasserman Schultz off, gotta be careful) tells us over and over how radical and hate-filled we are, and how reasonable and dulcet-toned and goodhearted they are. But I didn’t think they’d lead off with putting “radical” in quotes when talking about the author of Rules for Radicals.

Ye who enter here, abandon all hope. It’s no longer a matter of refuting their lies one by one, it’s a matter of convincing the low-info middle indies, steeped in knee-jerk Leftism as their public education and cultural birthright, that…

Every single word the Left utters from here on out will be an utter lie.





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