Ponder This Ron Paul Quote

“So if we have an American citizen [Bradley Manning], and he’s willing to take it, uh, take the consequences and practice civil disobedience, say ‘This is what our government’s doing!’ Should he be locked up and in prison? Or should we, you know, see him as a political hero? Maybe he is a true patriot who reveals what’s going on in government.”

Stop calling Ron Paul a conservative. It is a lie.


3 Responses to Ponder This Ron Paul Quote

  1. flataffect says:

    This doesn’t make any sense. If Manning is willing to take the consequences, and the consequences for leaking classified documents is prison, then he deserves to go to prison. What part of “consequences” does Ron Paul not understand?

    Whenever I’ve heard him he sounds like he’s barely got two of four wheels on the ground, and with this, he just blue the curve and launched into Crazy.

  2. songwroter says:

    I’ve got “Deadman’s Curve” playing in my head now.

  3. songwroter says:

    If my photoshop friend Seorse were still cognito, I’d ask him to photoshop Ron Paul’s head onto the ducktail punk with the switchblade and the ungainly leather jacket in Rebel Without a Cause. Ron Paul Without A Clue, I guess.

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