Newt: The One-Eyed King In the Land of the Blind

I’ve had my share of (well-deserved) harsh words for Newt Gingrich in the past. You know the litany: The Global Warming Couch with Pelosi, DeDe What’s-Her-Face, bagging on the Ryan plan, the arrogant technocratic RINO wonkishness, and on and on and on. And his personal life–holy moly what a mess.

Nevertheless, Newt is the Best In Show.

I wish Pence would have run. I wish Pawlenty would have stayed in the race. I wish Marco Rubio had executive experience on his resume and would run. And I want a pony.

Can Newt beat Obama? Well, in a series of debates, Obama wouldn’t stand a chance. Polls a year out don’t mean much.

Is Newt sufficiently conservative? Probably not. But since Perry is busy stepping on his own dick and seems to think he’s running for Governor of Texas again, and since Cain is probably the most laughably lightweight GOP Presidential candidate in decades, and since Mittens is Mittens…what are we left with?

We are left with Newt.

His debate performances have been excellent, but none so excellent as last night’s foreign policy debate.

So there ya go. Warts and all, I’m with Newt. I am frankly amazed that the field is so weak that this is what I am reduced to.

I’ll make a modest contribution and focus on the Senate.


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