Your Underwear Needs Changing

Apologies to Mr. Zimmerman.

Come gather ’round losers wherever you roam
And admit that the garbage around you has grown
And accept it that soon you’ll have to go home
If your Pell Grants to you are worth savin’
Then you better start hitchin’ before you’re too stoned
For your underwear needs changing

Come Marxists and Paulites with big Sharpie® pens
And blame the Jew bankers, the chance won’t come again
Your vapid grandstanding the MSM will spin
And taxpayers they will be shaming
Poor little babies, where’s my tiny violin
For their underwear needs changing

Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call
Come to Atlanta, but don’t talk at all
The People’s Collective will make you feel small
There’s a hormonal battle that’s ragin’
They’ll soon break your windows and graffiti your walls
For their underwear needs changing

Come mothers and fathers who pay all the bills
A chip off the block and it gives you a thrill
Your sons and your daughters believe all that swill
That their Marxist professors are staging
Please get out your wallet and lend them a hand
For their underwear needs changing

Progressives run the show, but this too shall pass
When they start paying taxes they’ll all be aghast
The fascist youth impulse will later be past
Their order is rapidly fading
The lazy ones will soon get off of their ass
When their underwear needs changing


15 Responses to Your Underwear Needs Changing

  1. Dan Draney says:

    One for the Ages. 🙂

  2. songwroter says:

    Yes, get this thing in a time capsule as soon as possible! It’s starting to smell. 😀

    Thanks, bro!

  3. PTBurnem says:

    An instant classic!

  4. Any chance of The Songwroter performing this one on YouTube? 😉

  5. You have topped yourself, again. But if I could approach your way with words. Simply kickass!

  6. this is fantastically brilliant… GENIUS!!!

  7. Love this!!! Another zinger!!

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