Grow Up (lyrics)

Copyright by publication and etc. All rights reserved.

It’s almost a descending arpeggio, the melody is. Think Loudon Wainwright III–wry and lilting.

In progress:

It’s much easier to tear down than preserve
It satisfies the youthful fascist urge
It’s a cliche to say it’s absurd
Grow up

(short interlude)

You shall leave your parents, cleave unto a wife
Not stay on their insurance half your life
Youthful stupidity, is a redundancy
Grow up
Grow the hell up

You can mock me for my age and that’s just fine
That’s how I used to piss away my time
It’s a cliche, to say it’s passe
Grow up
Please grow the hell up


Wisdom comes from all you do not know
A cocksure attitude is so much show
You’re a cliche, but one sweet day
You’ll grow up
You’ll grow up


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