In re “The Alarming Significance of Culture”

Armstrong Williams over at BigGovernment discussed a sick dynamic that seems to infect too much of black culture:

The Jewish mobsters were dressed in conservative, expensive suits. They looked the model of mainstream success. You wouldn’t have known they were gangsters unless you’d been told. The black gangsters, on the other hand, were dressed in sleeveless t-shirts and festooned with gold chains and bracelets. They were carrying submachine guns with rounds of ammunition hanging around their necks. If any law enforcement office had happened by, they would have been arrested on sight. I realized in watching the contrast between Jewish and African-American gangsters was that the black gangsters had embraced gangster culture. The Jews had turned to crime out of necessity, and did not glorify it. It was merely a means to an end – a legitimate place in the society.

Yes, it’s a must read. The argument is a bit defuse, but it is a finger pointing at the moon and then some.

I’m tired of pretending like the Wisconsin State Fair hate crime wilding didn’t happen.

It needs to end. Keeping silent about it will enable it. Like every other evil.


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