A Mental Exercise: Stating the Obvious About the WI Riots

Imagine for a moment how this story would have played out in the so-called mainstream media:

Horror at Wisconsin State Fair: Youth gangs start series of racially-charged incidents

Marauding youth gangs invaded the opening night at the Wisconsin State Fair, starting a series of racially-charged incidents inside and outside the annual attraction, witnesses said.

Dozens of young white males were responsible for the Thursday night violence that brought police to the scene as the fair closed down around 11 p.m., according to the witnesses.

“It looked like they were going after black guys, black people,” fair visitor Norb Roffers of Wind Lake, Wisc., told WTMJ-AM.

Another eyewitness, who was at the fair with his wife, daughter and other family members, said he was the target of several racial remarks from a group of about 50 white youths.

“There was an incredible mob mentality,” the witness told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “We felt threatened. Without a doubt.”

The man and his family ducked inside a game booth along the fair Midway when the fighting started. Some witnesses said there were as many as 300 youths involved.

A Marquette University employee said she was driving home at the end of the night when the teens began running toward cars stopped in traffic outside the fairgrounds.

“Some kids ran up on the car in front of us, bounced on it and jumped off,” she told the Journal-Sentinel. “The guy looked like he got out of the car. When he came back, his face was bloody.”

Milwaukee police confirmed an unspecified number of assaults near the end of the night, and local television showed suspects seated on a curb near parked police vehicles.

But police provided no details on the number of arrests or injuries, and no motive for the violence. Cops from West Allis and Milwaukee, along with state fair police, were investigating the reports.

Witnesses said fair security, including cops on horseback, was insufficient to handle the trouble.

It’s not hard to imagine the hue and cry from sea to shining sea, the wall-to-wall, breathless coverage, the histrionic punditry decrying endemic racism in America–no doubt the result of terrorist rhetoric from the “Tea Party.”

Only one tiny problem. I changed the story a bit. Blacks were targeting whites, not the reverse.

Which means that this riot never had a snowball-in-hell’s chance of being part of your favorite broadcast TV evening news program.

When “liberals” look the other way–or worse, actually glorify thuggery by blacks–they encourage that thuggery, and share more than a little of the blame for the consequences that issue from society’s failure to address it.

Man, the crickets sure are noisy tonight!

(Here’s the actual article.)


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