Wherever Two Or More Democrats Are Gathered Together

My name is Bob. I am a Democrat.

(Hi Bob!)

Once I was rational.

I believed that, for all her faults, skeletons and pissed-off ex-husbands, America had overcome most of the demons that have plagued the vast majority of nations throughout what we affectionately but laughingly call, history.

I had the love of the idea of America that comes naturally to a child–most of all a child in some godforsaken shithole of a country, praying to God to take her to America.

Then a high school buddy introduced me to the New York Times.

Pretty soon I was sneaking The Nation so that my parents wouldn’t find out.

And then…Chomsky.

It was bad for awhile.

Well, I don’t need to tell anyone at this meeting that pretty soon I was justifying all kinds of really evil shit by blaming America for it.

And then the Jews.

That’s when I knew I’d hit bottom.

And so, with experience, strength, hope and fellowship, I have my soul back. My rationality.

And my golf swing is now AWESOME!

(Just kidding on the last part.)

Thank you for letting me share, and now I will turn it over to Ron, who will read Chapter Three from Basic Economics, by Thomas Sowell….


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