The Petulant Presidency

“Hatred the only moving force, a petulant unhappy striving – childhood the only happiness, and that unknowing….and then the unspeakable levity with which the faint chance of happiness is thrown away for some jealousy, tiff, sullenness, private vanity, mistaken sense of honour, that deadly, weak and silly notion.”

Patrick O’Brian, Post Captain.

There he was, the…Charmer, the Actor, with his practised rhetoric, his histrionisms, his emotional appeal –and all the patients were convulsed with laughter. Well, not all: some looked bewildered, some looked outraged, one or two looked apprehensive, but most looked amused. The President was, as always, moving –but he was moving them, apparently, mainly to laughter.

Oliver Sacks, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat.

Say what you will about Michael Savage and his idiosyncratic, hard-right brand of scorched earth rhetoric, but he was ahead of the curve referring to the current occupant of the White House as “Obama the Petulant.”

Ponder, for a moment, all the ink spilled, trees laid waste, and electrons squandered in the service of Leftist deconstructives aimed at painting conservatives (prominent and otherwise) as mentally-ill.

But here we have, right in front of us, acting out at every press conference, a classical DSM-IV clinical narcissist, checking off every symptom like a raging alcoholic on an AA checklist. (No, there’s no link. Although I could perhaps supply a Let-Me-Google-That-For-You.)

Like Oliver Sacks’ aphasics, whom he used to attack a President far more psychologically-stable than the current one, normal working (or looking like hell for work) Americans aren’t sure whether to laugh like hell, get pissed, or scratch their heads.

And where’s the Journalistic Community?

Fawning. Still. At this late date. Probably because they still have jobs, which is predicated on giving good fawning.

In the old days, per the philosopher, a lie traveled around the world before Truth got her boots on. Nowadays, Truth is bound and gagged with duct tape, and locked in a utility closet at a Democrat fundraising event/White House meet-and-greet.


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