The Class of ’94

In a discussion elsewhere about the laughable candidacy of Newt Gringrich, I made an offhand comment about the eventual failure of the Republican Class of 1994. That comment was met with the assertion that I was simply parroting a false MSM meme.

OK, then, let’s see what others have to say. You can judge yourself whether these folks are also useful idiots, blindly repeating groundless charges from the Left.

Jim DeMint: “But frankly, the thing that killed the ’94 revolution was that you got a lot of new people came in, but the guys who’d been there forever took over the chairmanships of committees, and we went downhill from there.”

Tom Coburn: “It’s well-known that the 1994 Republican Revolution sputtered and failed to turn the country around.  The failure of that revolution though was not so much a matter of failed tactics, but failed character. Each turning point for the worse – the failure of the government shutdown, the betrayal of the term limits movement, overspending, the K-Street project, earmarxism, and entitlement expansion – came about because of hubris, self-preservation and careerism.”

Dick Armey: “Somewhere along the road to a “permanent majority,” the Republican Revolution of 1994 went off track….But by the summer of 1997, the appropriators — rightly called the ‘third party’ of Congress — had begun to pass spending bills with Democrats. As soon as politics superseded policy and principle, the avalanche of earmarks that is crushing the party began.”

You get the idea.

DeMint? Coburn? Armey? Sounds like a bunch of MSM libiots to me. 😉


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