Out Of The Closet: OK, I Must Be A Libertarian

I’ve taken the tests.

I’ve read the texts.

I’ve railed at circular firing squads and then reached for my revolver.

But it’s time to come out of the closet.

I’m a libertarian.

Not a 9/11 Truther who worries more about the Patriot Act than Hezbollah working with Mexican drug lords.

Not a purist who would vote third party, thus ensuring the likes of The Anointed One, he of DSOC/DSA/New Party lineage.

Dennis Prager wisely noted that there are two parties (the stupid party, and the dangerous party) and opted for the least harm.

But when I hear a guy I really admire infer I am a Cato libertarian if I oppose a state (not Fed, though) mandate to purchase health care insurance, I ponder a bit, and eventually say to myself…

…I must be a libertarian.

It’s liberating.

I am a libertarian.

With a pragmatic streak: I would rather elect someone who applies the brakes, even if they are squishy brakes, than someone with his statist foot on the gas.

Maybe I’m bi.

(crisis to be continued)


2 Responses to Out Of The Closet: OK, I Must Be A Libertarian

  1. LawlessKO says:

    I know the feeling, I’ve decided to opt for the “classical liberal” moniker though to distance myself from the “truther” and “antiwar leftists” that have come to calling themselves Libertarians. Pisses me off cause I’m really a liberal…you know a real liberal, minimum GOVT , and maximum personal responsibility.

    • songwroter says:

      There is a weird overlap, for sure. I read it all the time in the very strange, but frequently thought-provoking magazine, The American Conservative.

      But it all comes back to Buckley’s Rule, in the end. And it infuriates me when people elect Marxists because the latest GOP squish doesn’t suit their taste. Want to shake them awake.

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