The Flaming Dumbass Week In Review

A brief and incomplete look at the stupidity around us this past seven days or so:

Charlie Sheen in Detroit–a match made in the depths of hell:

Afterward, Sheen did not return (reports that he reappeared on stage after the end are false). House lights came up. No bow. Show’s over. Half the audience sat there looking stunned for a time, watching the road crew clear the stage. On the way out, I overheard someone say, “Dude, that was seriously the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed.”

Barack Obama in Libya–not exactly a perfect marriage, either:

Sufyan Ben Qumu, a Libyan army veteran who worked for Osama bin Laden’s holding company in Sudan and later for an al Qaeda-linked charity in Afghanistan, is training many of the city’s rebel recruits.

Meanwhile, the New York Times ran a Samantha-Power-as-Secretary-of-State puff piece up the flagpole, to see if anyone got their shorts in a bunch. Oddly enough, Cass Sunstein’s better half loves global governance, works for a George Soros wholly-owned subsidiary, and is not a fan of Israel:

“There will be situations where the priority is self-defence,” she says, indicating that a preference for multilateralism only goes so far. “President Obama, like every other leader on earth, is still going to be looking out for national and economic interests. States don’t cease to be states overnight just because they get a great visionary as their new president.” But it is politically impossible for Obama to talk to Hamas, even if he wants to. She can’t say that, though, especially when vicious internet smears are making lurid allegations about his “Muslim past”….”So much of it is about: ‘Is he going to be good for the Jews?’”

Mike Huckabee, the smarmy charlatan who gave us John McCain as the GOP nominee in 2008, got his dumbass on with what has since been characterized (when it is not ignored by hypocrites on my side of the political fence) as a “joke” (meaning, something that’s funny, in case the meaning of the word isn’t clear from the actual idiotic content of Huck’s tone deaf remarks). God help me, I’m linking to LGF:

“I almost wish that there would be a simultaneous telecast and all Americans would be forced, at gunpoint, to listen to every David Barton message.”

Oh, and we are extreme…but we knew that:

“I always use the word extreme,” Mr. Schumer said, “That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.”

But the biggest dumbass disappointments in life are usually the folks who are almost your friends, but not quite. As Hugh Hewitt put it recently:

About two dozen Republican appropriators stand between the House GOP and serious spending reform. If they cannot be moved, the Tea Party and conservative activists will seek to remove them. The days of campaigning as a conservative and spending like a Democrat are done, and if the appropriators don’t change, voters sick with worry about a government addicted to trillion-dollar deficits will change them.

We don’t have much time.


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