Operation Voting Present

Arab League sign-off? Check!

UN agreement? Check!

Congressional assent? We’ll get back to you….

So, a month after the fit hit the shan in Libya, we have boldly sprung into action…following the French into battle. Wait….

But no boots on the ground, says POTUS Chauncey Gardiner.

(I will not bring up Vietnam. I will not bring up Vietnam. I will not bring up Vietnam.)

I have (notwithstanding the frightening tendency to Islamopander by some military careerist brass) every confidence–and a deep and abiding respect–for the men and women who serve in the American military.

But the White House defines the mission, and for about a decade or more, the mission has been nation-building and exporting democracy (which is odd, since we are–or were, at some point–a republic), and generally picking off low-hanging fruit like Iraq while real existential threats like Iran are left to brutalize their citizens and menace our allies.

Once upon a time, Iraq and Iran were (unfortunately for those many once living-and-breathing residents of same) a counterbalance. Now Iran is poised to exterminate Israel. I am not being hyperbolic. Iran aims to exterminate Israel. Mutually-Assured Destruction doesn’t seem to phase the Iranian Millennialists, alas–they welcome it. Go figure.

What have we purchased with our blood and treasure?

We lost Vietnam not on the battlefield (the Paris Accords spelled victory for South Vietnam and for the West, and the NVA admitted as much in post mortems), but in Congress.

Now comes slouching out of the Beltway the Anointed One, once again throwing a bone to the Muslim Brotherhood (who do you think these “rebels” in Libya are–the Arab equivalent of the authors of the Federalist Papers?), while invoking universal values of freedom and self-determination that, given the opportunity, said rebels would no sooner honor than you or I would honor Confederate currency.

To quote Chris Christie in another context, politicians lied to you.

Let’s try defending America for a change, Mr. President: American Exceptionalism, the border, the culture–all the stuff you don’t give two shakes about, being fixated on “fairness.”

Because, frankly, I don’t expect a good outcome in Libya no matter what gang of douchebags wins. Riyadh is not Philadelphia. Enough of this nonsense.

Drill ANWR and screw this noise. We are not the world’s mom.


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