The Monrovia Memo: A Mini-Communique


Now comes slouching, out of AmeriKKKa’s racist past, a toxic nexus of patriarchal oligarchy and neo-fascist reaction that brutally suppress a spontaneously-orchestrated youth uprising, from Wisconsin to Cairo to “Noodles & Company.”

The fascists are at the gates! Beck is Hitler! Bachmann is Goebbels! Fox is Nixon!

As Karl Marx explained, “From each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her broadband needs.”

The KochHeads claim “property rights,” but what rights accrue to profit? To profit is evil. (If we believed in evil. Which we don’t. We don’t judge, that is bourgeois–duh. But conservatives are evil, so the Judgment Light is lit, motherfucker.)

No, Obama is not our savior, but he’s a good start. Think Trotsky.

Fascism begins with a right to property. Pretty soon, everything is owned–not the least the labor stolen from the sweat of people who get hired to do stuff.

Noodle Boy, Karl Marx, Van Jones and Lawrence O’Donnell are coming for your pathetic fascist asses.

Long Live Socialism! Go Bears!


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