The Flaming Dumbass Week In Review

I started this blog to commemorate chronic political stupidity, prevarication, and general dumbassedness (mostly from the Left, but sometimes from the squishy soft-Right or the nutter hard-Right).

The true Flaming Dumbasses among us cry out for recognition. Nay! they howl in the darkness to be seen. I have done my best to grant them their wish.

I knew I would never lack for material–although some weeks I would lack energy. (Oh well. It’s not like this is The Daily Planet and I have a deadline.)

But this week, my friends–this was a week for the ages.

(Disclaimer: I am not a Sarah Palin fan as far as any presidential aspirations she might have. Doesn’t matter. Just like it doesn’t matter that I am an atheist when I see innocent Christians and Jews attacked. And naked hypocrisy such as we have witnessed lately from the Left must be called out and mocked.)

Far from being some “dog whistle” code to anti-semitic evangelical Christians (Leftists have busy imaginations and profoundly vile hates), Palin’s use of the blood libel metaphor was, as one caller to the Hugh Hewitt show pointed out, particularly apt.

If Palin’s response to the non-stop demonization aimed at her (before the bodies in Tucson were cold) was insufficiently broad by being too personal a defense, it was largely because the white hot hate that issued from the Left, the so-called MSM, and the Democratic Party, was the most vile personal political attack in recent memory.

This isn’t about Sarah Palin.

Or Glenn Beck.

Or Mark Levin.

Or Rush Limbaugh.

Or any other conservative targeted by the Left.

This is about the Left.

To quote Dennis Prager: “This is what they do.”

You are not going to convince the Left of anything. They are not amenable to persuasion because they know it all already, and you (in their eyes) are evil cretins.

That is their primary tenent, that conservatives are evil, vile, soulless ghouls (just look at the art that Leftists produce depicting conservatives).

Their second tenent is that human nature and basic economics can be ignored. Which goes to the first: You are evil, and hence in need of having your life managed for you, you sexist intolerant xenophobic homophobic Islamophobic racist bigots (SIXHIRB, Prager’s perfect acronym).

They know better than you how your life should be ordered. And if you balk, you are responsible for a mass murder by a textbook DSM-IV paranoid schizophrenic (who was also obsessed with an online video that was anti-Christian, pro-9/11-Truther, and pretty much unrecognizable as a coherent political philosophy), and for crimes to be announced when Paul Krugman and Roger Ebert and the rest of the “liberal” hater crew decide what they are.

This is the moment when the MSM, the Dems, the Left, and all their useful idiots took off the mask. It’s all there. There is no secret anymore.

God Save the Republic.


2 Responses to The Flaming Dumbass Week In Review

  1. eurobird says:

    Just an excellent summation of the events, honest and pointed.

  2. walksalone says:

    Well said! I posted to my FB page to share what I wished I’d written!

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