Conversations I’m Tired Of Having…

…Yet Know I Will Have Again:

“If the GOP doesn’t do the job, by golly, me and Jimmy Stewart and the Tea Parties are going to put up a competing store-front across the street!”

The Tea Party movement is just that: a movement.

The only conceivable way that conservatism will prevail will be via the conversion and transformation of the Republican Party from the inside.

Those who claim that the tea parties can supplant the GOP (who apparently think a third party movement can win anything bigger than a large liberal college town in a center-right, but still deeply divided country) may be well-meaning folks, but that’s still pretty much whackadoodles (except in Vermont).

Ross Perot.  John Anderson.  Oh maybe you would prefer to be the Ralph Nader of the Right?

I could go on, but like I said in the title, I am tired of this stupid conversation from people who think that suddenly history doesn’t apply anymore to politics, because they decided to verbally harass Dem lawmakers’ switchboard personnel.

The GOP needs the tea party and visa versa. It’s like, important and shiz that we get along.

Seriously, STFU with the third party nonsense.


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