Your Flaming Dumbass Comment of the Year!

As we look back with mild amusement and throbbing migranes on a year chock-full of gaffes, dissembling, Orwellian fantasy, and general all-around bloviating buffoonery, it hardly seems possible that the most idiotic paragraph of the year should come to us as a belated Christmas gift.

Yes, Virginia, there is a New York Times.

Behold! I present to you, Your Flaming Dumbass Comment of the Year:

“I think it speaks volumes about the man’s temperament,” said Robert Dallek, the presidential historian. “He doesn’t crave the spotlight the way some of these other presidents have. They needed to be constantly in the eye of the public; it propelled them into politics in the first place. Obama is less that way; he is more of a self-contained person, someone who can genuinely spend time by himself with his family.”

Flocking awesome, Bob. Just…awesome.


2 Responses to Your Flaming Dumbass Comment of the Year!

  1. Alexa L says:

    Dear Con.LA –

    you forgot my fave!

    “Contrary to the claims of some of my critics — and some of the editorial pages — I am an ardent believer in the free market,” Obama told the Business Roundtable, a group of CEOs. “You create jobs.”

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