I’ll Speak Slowly….

It’s really not very complicated:

We’re fed up.

Try, as an intellectual exercise if nothing else, to forget about all the things you think we are. See if you can stop projecting the Leftist education and media indoctrination that you swim in and think wise, if only for a moment.


We’re fed up.

We’re not stupid, or racist, or crazy, or full of hate, or any of the things that, if you took a word association test, would spring into your mind when you think of normal Americans.

You think normal is boring and jejune and dumb. I know. I used to be you. But just listen:

We’re fed up.

Fed up with the inability of the Federal government to effectively discharge the duties Constitutionally assigned to it, even as it assumes extra-Constitutional (and therefore illegal) powers reserved to the States, or to the people.

Fed up with the Federal government using our money to tell us how to live our lives.

Fed up with race-baiting, voting in racial blocs, and the victim mentality.

Fed up with arrogant career politicians who forget who brought them to the dance as soon as the band starts tuning up.

Fed up with losers being rewarded and winners being punished.

Fed up with “public servants” living better than those who pay their way.

Fed up with politicians who say one thing in the primary, another during the general, and do a Michael Jackson backwards-dance from their previously-stated beliefs and intent as soon as they swear their oaths of office.

Fed up with bureaucratic elites determining how we spend the money that remains after we’re done working off our servitude to their grand plans and feel-good nostrums.

Fed up with being told, with every stupid piece of legislation that further strangles liberty, that it’s “for the kids.”

Fed up with right being called wrong and wrong being called right.

Fed up with Islam being posited as a persecuted religion of peace, while Christianity and Judaism are proclaimed to be instruments of oppression and hate.

Fed up with Leftist speech codes, the Leftist MSM, Leftist racism–and with the Leftist tail wagging the dog.

Fed up with, as a small example, you telling us what kind of lightbulbs to buy (particularly when the “green” CFLs you force us through the power of government to buy are many times more toxic to the “environment” you claim to revere than are the lightbulbs you ban).

Fed up with crony capitalism, whichever side of the aisle it issues from. Subsidies, give-backs, carve-outs, credits–fed up.

Fed up with striving for excellence being stripped from the American psyche, in lieu of “all the kids are above average” leveling.

We’re fed up with your relentless drive to bring down the nation you hate.

We’re fed up.

Got it?

No, I didn’t think you would.


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