Your Daily Flaming Dumbass: Michael Kinsley

I find it baffling that some people seem to think that Politico has a liberal bias.

Wherever do they get that silly idea?

Oh, I know! Maybe it’s because of opinion pieces like this little gem from the chronically tiresome and sometimes idiotic Michael Kinsley, which he provocatively titled:

U.S. is not greatest country ever

Interestingly, Kinsley never gets around to telling us which country is in fact the “greatest country ever.” One might be forgiven for assuming the title was a bit of bitchy, sore-loser épater le bourgeois.

But I digress.

When foreign car companies started opening factories in the United States, back in the 1980s, it seemed like an act of obeisance. The plants didn’t make economic sense — Americans had to be paid so much more — but this was a tactful bit of tribute to Empire Central. America wants auto plants? America gets auto plants.

Life’s too short to get hung up scraping that philosophical turd off my shoes.

They were thinking long-term, genius. Economics was never your strong point, was it?

Last week, BMW announced it was opening a plant in South Carolina. No special explanation was required. People were lined up for jobs paying $15 an hour. Equivalent jobs in Germany pay $30 an hour. We’re now a bargain.

Again, you are missing the [expletive] point.

But I don’t want to get hung up on the opening salvos in his blitzkrieg of pettiness. (And his little b-slaps of anti-American schadenfreude, as well.)

The theory that Americans are better than everybody else…

As Hugh Hewitt would say to Generalissimo: “Stop. Stop.”

The theory that…what?

If you’re keeping score at home, that was a conflation of allegedly debunking American Exceptionalism in the title, and claiming Americans think they’re the shiz.

We continue:

…is endorsed by an overwhelming majority of U.S. voters and approximately 100 percent of all U.S. politicians,

A footnote, my kingdom for a footnote.

…although there is less and less evidence to support it. A recent Yahoo poll (and I resist the obvious joke here) found that 75 percent of Americans believe that the United States is “the greatest country in the world.”

Again with the conflation of the greatness of America with the alleged misplaced arrogance of Americans.

Does any other electorate demand such constant reassurance about how wonderful it is — and how wise?

We’re still talking about average Americans, right? We didn’t suddenly start talking about liberal elites? (See his refutation of that obvious allegation at the end of the piece.)

Having spent a month to a couple of years and many millions of dollars trying to snooker voters, politicians awaiting poll results Tuesday will declare that they put their faith in “the fundamental wisdom of the American people.”

I will see your conflation, and raise you a non sequitar.

Not me. Democracy requires me to respect the results of the elections. It doesn’t require me to agree with them or to admire the process by which voters made up their minds. In my view, anyone who voted for Barack Obama for president in 2008 and now is supporting some tea party madwoman for senator has a bit of explaining to do. But the general view is that the voters, who may be fools individually, are infallibly wise as a collective — that their “anger,” their urgent desire, yet again, for “change,” is self-validating.

“[T]ea party madwoman.” Indeed.

Voters are obviously more collectively wise than you are as an individual, Mikey. Speak for your [expletive] self.

Yes, Mikey, those folks have some ‘splainin’ to do.

And the explanation just might touch on the fact that sycophantic shits like you sold America on the laughable notion that Obama was a healer, a uniter–a post-racial, bipartisan, bi-racial demigod, making the tides recede and the angels cry.

I don’t have the patience for this shit. I thought I could deconstruct the whole sorry pile of petulant crap. It gets more and more absurd. Read the rest if you want to know what kind of cretins are considered moderate liberals at Politico nowadays.


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