Your Daily Flaming Dumbass: Imbeciles on Twitter

You may have noticed that yesterday was September 11.

You may also be aware that September 11 is a somber anniversary: nine years ago Islamist death-fetishists murdered nearly three thousand Americans in coordinated hijackings that ended in carnage in Manhattan, Shanksville, and Arlington.

On Twitter, the most commonly used hashtag to aggregate 9/11-related tweets is #NeverForget. Each year, names of victims are tweeted throughout the day, as well as general expressions of grief, and memories of that horrible day.

But some people on Twitter are utter imbeciles with (to steal a line from the otherwise infuriating Garrison Keillor) “less moral sense than God gave badgers.”

Yesterday, #NeverForget became, in part, a repository for some of the most foul, narcissistic, stupid garbage imaginable. Apparently some folks felt compelled to trample on the graves of the dead, and spit in the eyes of the survivors, in order to demonstrate to the world how “witty” they are.

There were literally hundreds, if not thousands of tweets to #NeverForget that at best had no bearing on the topic that the tag was intended to aggregate, and at worst were so offensive that one would quickly assume that the tweeters had been raised by wolves (no offense intended to the wolf community).

Life is too short to go back and screen-capture those cretinous tweeters and their infantile, masturbatory nonsense, or for me to impose on your time to read them.

Suffice it to say that a lot of people on Twitter need to grow the hell up. #NeverForget that you’re a flaming dumbass if you tweeted stuff to that hashtag on 9/11 that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Addendum: This is classic:


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