Your Daily Flaming Dumbass: The Clueless “MSM”

A brief glance at the silliness of the drive-by media:

Christiane Amanpour:

And perhaps when we try to figure out why there’s such a huge number of people coming to these rallies, in a period of time when people feel such anxiety, such anger, such sort of worry about what’s going on around them—the economy and the rest—they come here and they hear a feel-good message, and that they respond to.


Talking Points Memo:

What? headline:

Dueling D.C. rallies mark King speech anniversary

While the Restoring Honor event was estimated to have “tens of thousands” of attendees (a laughable understatement), Sharpton’s counter-event was estimated to have “several thousand” attendees.

Really? Tens of thousands? How about hundreds of thousands? Some “duel,” eh?

I’ve yet to see a crowd estimate for Sharpton’s rally that was even close to ten thousand.


When Beck told people to text a $10 donation to the event’s pet charity, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, cell phones were quickly abuzz.

“Pet charity”? Pound sand.


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