The War On Normalcy, Pt. 2

American culture seems at times to have devolved so precipitously that the photo to the left doesn’t cause much of an aesthetic shock.

Just one more dumbass, spending money on the Stupidest Shit You Can Possibly Imagine–and at some point, the people without tattoos will be paying for his health care.

Similarly, the once unseemly and suspect field of journalism had descended into up-skirt public prostitution with such abandon as would make a porn producer blush.

The old saw that there is no cure for stupidity is without foundation: the cure for stupidity is the reality that inexorably follows. Mugged by reality.

If this guy, like Western Civilization, does not wake up very soon to the fact that he (it) has made a series of grave mistakes, then he (it) will be not only ugly in a self-inflicted way, but permanently deformed by his youthful stupidity.

If you think this guy, or Obama, are cool due to their fundamental transformation of whatever, then either (1) your frontal lobes have not fully developed, or (2) your soul did not keep pace with your frontal lobes.

We’re about to lose it all, folks–unless we step up.


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