The War On Normalcy, Pt. 1

Épater la bourgeoisie is America’s national pastime (notwithstanding any claims to the contrary put forth by the porn industry).

Tweaking the collective (or individual) nose of the middle classes has been the OCD-like hobby of the Abbie Normals since, well, since at least the Decadents (no, not the band).

Speaking of bands, that’s a Residents graphic to the left. Seems pretty banal, but fun and interesting and weird, right? And a bit of it is very cool, very sort of stimulating in a superficial way.

But what if that’s all there was, 24/7, from Left-of-Center shit-stirrers.

What if the only real bulwark against an increasingly decadent and pointless anti-culture culture is Christianity-based conservatism.

Oh my, that just won’t do. We’ll all be Donna Reed slaves of the patriarchal dialectical whatnot.

How much better to piss on a crucifix, or mock chastity, or puke all over ourselves as we spout Nietzsche without a glimmer of a clue what he was talking about!

Normalcy mocks the ungrateful recipients of the largess of normalcy. Normalcy promotes safety and affluence and societal coherence. Oh no no no, that doesn’t sound like a very good theme for a NiN download!

To be continued….


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