Your Daily Flaming Dumbass: So-Called Journalists, Part III

Wah wah wah…snarky, crybaby, pedantic, condescending, morally-bereft BS predictably issues forth from the Left in response to the Daily Caller’s Journolist scoop.

Tucker Carlson has a must-read response to the lame outcry from the Left:

Gather 400 lefty reporters and academics on one listserv and it turns out you wind up with a strikingly high concentration of bitchiness. Shocking amounts, actually. So while it might be amusing to air threads theorizing about the personal and sexual shortcomings of various New Republic staffers, we’ve decided to pull back.

Plus, a lot of the material on Journolist is actually pretty banal. In addition to being partisan hacks, a lot of these guys turn out to be pedestrian thinkers. Disappointing.

I’ll take a handful of Tucker Carlsons, Andrew Breitbarts and the like over a Beltway-full of spineless, fascist twits such as those who obviously populate the liberal media any day.

Y’all have been shown to be exactly what you are: immoral, overreaching, dishonest little pricks not fit to shine the shoes of many you tear down.

All the usual tactical feints are in play (just Google “Journolist”–don’t worry, it’s Google, and 90% of the links will be from the Left): snark, condescension, redirect, non sequitar, ad hominem, dissembling, dialectical dog poop. I’m trying to laugh. It’s not easy.

If you have any doubt that the Left lies as easily as they breathe, or that they are doubly dangerous because they are so philosophically weak–or harbor any delusions that they give two shits about objectivity or truth–then you obviously need to bone up on Journolist.


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