Your Daily Flaming Dumbass: Maryland State Police

Two things.

First, I know there are a lot of very important things going on, and this may seem a bit off the beaten track at best–at worst, a waste of time.

Second, I find it personally disconcerting to feel compelled to criticize law enforcement, whose contribution to a civilized society is all too often taken for granted, if not outright demonized.

That said….

Anthony Graber was riding his motorcycle on I-95 in Maryland, speeding and popping wheelies and recording the experience with a helmet cam. An unmarked car cuts him off as he slows for traffic, and a man in a hoodie and jeans jumps out with a gun in his hand. Five seconds after the armed man has exited his vehicle and approached Graber, he identifies himself as a Maryland State Trooper. Graber accepts a speeding ticket and posts video of the experience on YouTube….

If that were the end of it – a law enforcement officer recklessly creates a situation that could prompt a firefight by provoking a law-abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit (because the officer’s outward appearance suggested a criminal attack was underway) – I wouldn’t be writing this. But the Maryland State’s Attorneys are now charging Graber with unlawfully recording the incident. Police have seized his computer and he faces felony charges.

This is not acceptable.

When law enforcement twists the law in self-serving ways, it isn’t really law enforcement, is it?

The law enforcement community needs to stand up and and forcefully call this out for what it is: high-handed bullshit masquerading as Protect and Serve. It denigrates a noble cause, and should be loudly condemned by cops everywhere.



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