Your Daily Flaming Dumbass: Assholes on the Right

“Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” –Clint Eastwood, The Dead Pool.

As my current Twitter profile would seem to indicate to any but the most delusional reader, there’s little danger I will be recruited to write for HuffPo or work in the Obama Administration any time soon:

republitarian accountant; member FAIR, Heritage, AMAC, GOA/ex-NRA; songwriter, musician; straight, single; Cali native; non-theist; AKA @5LA. #antibirther #TCOT

FAIR of course is the Federation for American Immigration reform, a favorite target for demonization by the Left, who invariably quote the laughably named Southern Poverty Law Center in their libelous mis-characterizations.

Whatever, fine, as you wish, alrightee then, I’m a member of a “hate group”–that’s pretty much the default accusation hurled at anyone who believes that out-of-control illegal immigration and a porous border are not exactly a net good for the United States.

Now comes a dipshit Twitterer from “our side,” accusing me of being a liberal because I am a member of FAIR.

I’ve been called lot of names on Twitter: a racist, a hater, a poseur (not really the ex-Leftist that I claim to be), a troll, stupid, uneducated, a crackhead…the mildly amusing and 180-false list goes on. Anyone with a passing familiarity with Twitter knows there are no shortage of assholes who never hesitate to make multiple asinine declarative statements and myriad dumbass assertions that have no flipping basis in fact–and that’s just before breakfast.

While noting that the word “liberal” has come to be disconnected entirely from its original meaning (requiring the absurd use of the qualifier “classical” to differentiate the mindset of the Framers from the degraded common usage in our day), the fact is that, to a conservative, being called a “liberal” is tantamount to identifying the recipient with everything that conservatives loathe: statism, entitlement, lack of personal responsibility, nanny state PC absurdities, and the rest.

If one day you find yourself so full of self-righteous right-wing bile that you feel the need to insult a conservative by throwing the word “liberal” at him, check your assumptions. And check them again.  Because in this particular case, you are a clueless, arrogant asshole with no more of a clue than the most clueless ObamaBot.

If you think I’m a liberal, you’re exhibiting less intelligence that God gave badgers. Pull your head out of your ass.


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