Reference: Repealing ObamaCare

Heritage spin-off targets ObamaCare in first grassroots campaign (Caroline May, 6/17/10, The Daily Caller)

Independents Demand Repeal (Jeffrey H. Anderson, 6/17/10, National Review Online)

Countdown to Repealing Obamacare
(Merrill Matthews, 05/27/10, Human Events)

Top 10 New Revelations about Obamacare (Maggie Piggot, 05/27/10, Human Events)

Obamacare on Life Support (Maggie Piggot, 05/25/10, Human Events)

Repealing ObamaCare: State Solutions (“Josie Wales,” 06/18/10, Big Government)

Repeal: A one-word agenda for Republicans (William Kristol, 03/22/10, Weekly Standard)

ObamaCare: Repeal, Replace or What? (Mitch Daniels, Mike Spence, Phil Gramm, Timothy P. Cahill, Bobby Jindal, 3/26/10, Wall Street Journal)


2 Responses to Reference: Repealing ObamaCare

  1. Just noticed this — Thanks for the very useful links! We’ve got to stay focused and informed.

    • songwroter says:

      Damn hard to do, when you’re standing at the bottom of chute issuing a torrent of purulent offal masquerading as law every single godforsaken day.

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